The following letters have been sent home to parents/carers. To view please select the relevant letter below where you can then download a .pdf copy:


Year 7 - Intake 2016

Drama Club

Year 8 - Intake 2015

Textile Resources

Year 9 - Intake 2014

Options Talk

Textile Resources

World Challenge - Norway (2018)

Year 10 - Intake 2013

Spanish Penpal Project

French Penpal Project

Year 11 - Intake 2012

Drama Rehearsals 2016-2017

VI Form

Drama Rehearsals 2016-2017

Spanish Penpal Scheme

Year 12 Study Leave and Exams

Year 13 Study Leave

Whole School

Bulletin Week Commencing Monday 5th June 2017

Certificate Collection Authorisation Form

Drama Dress Code

Media Permission Form

Special Edition Newsletter - New D&T Block

WHSG procedures in the event of snow


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